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Book: ‘Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer’ – Editor’s Note

With Pessoa’s digitized private library online, the importance of English to Pessoa has become indisputable, particularly in his formative years: numerous English authors served as the bedrock from which his poetic sensibility emerged, developed and soared. In fact, a significant amount of Pessoa’s writings in English and in Portuguese (including those attributed to his heteronyms and/or to other literary personae) were greatly informed by these (his) original sources. Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer provides ample evidence of his fruitful, lifelong relationship with the English language.

In addition to its thematic focus, this latest volume of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies features sections dedicated to unpublished materials, new transcriptions of texts Pessoa originally wrote in English and verse translations by Pessoa into Portuguese. Contributors to this volume include George Monteiro, Patricia Silva McNeill, Richard Zenith, and Stefan Helgesson.

patricio_ferrariAbout the Editors

Patricio Ferrari (PhD, Universidade de Lisboa) holds responsibility with Jerónimo Pizarro and António Cardiello for the digitization of Fernando Pessoa’s Private Library (online since 2010) and is co-author with Pizarro and Cardiello of A Biblioteca de Fernando Pessoa (D. Quixote, 2010), Os Objectos de Fernando Pessoa (D. Quixote, 2013) and Eu Sou Uma Antologia: 136 Autores Fictícios (Tinta-da-China, 2013).

PizzarroJerónimo Pizarro is Professor at the Universidad de los Andes and holds the Camões Institute Chair of Portuguese Studies in Colombia. He has a PhD in Hispanic Literatures (Harvard University) and a PhD in Portuguese Linguistics (Universidade de Lisboa). He contributed seven volumes to the critical edition of Fernando Pessoa’s Works, published by the INCM. He is co-editor with Steffen Dix of Portuguese Modernisms in Literature and the Visual Arts ( Legenda, 2011). He won the Eduardo Lourenço Prize in 2013.

Book Details

  • Title: Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer
  • Editors: Patricio Ferrari and Jerónimo Pizarro
  • Publisher: Tagus Press
  • Date of Publication: June 25, 2015
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 296 pp.

Source: Tagus Press

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