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Atlantis could have been found – Spain

Atlantis, the lost mythical island believed to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean, where the Azores are today, may have been found. A team lead by Richard Freund, researcher at the University of Hartford, claims that a submerged island was discovered north of Cadiz, Spain. They believe this could be the lost island of Atlantis that Plato claimed exited 9,000 BC.

Plato wrote that Atlantis was submerged in what could have been a tsunami and that it disappeared in one day and one night. But the legend says Gods ordered Atlantis destruction making it sank during a giant earthquake.

Explorers have since then looked for the lost island of Atlantis, in both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean oceans, and have looked at the Canaries, Madeira and the Azores islands as possible sites.

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