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Art: Filipe Andrade illustrates Carol Danvers for Captain Marvel – Comics

Portuguese artist, Filipe Andrade, is the main illustrator for the new Captain Marvel series, by Marvel Comics, dedicated to fictional superhero Carol Danvers.

Illustrations of Carol Danvers by Andrade were featured in the Captain Marvel #9 issue and will appear again in the Captain Marvel #10 issue on sale February 20.

Filipe Andrade, 27, has been collaborating for Marvel Comics since 2009 where he has drawn several projects involving Iron Mean (Iron-Man: Titanium), X-23, the X-Men and Captain America also including Black Widow, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Nomad and John Carter.

Born in Lisbon, Andrade holds a degree in Sculpture, from Lisbon’s Fine-Arts Academy. He has studied illustration and script writing in Portugal with artists Aurora Bargado and  António Valjean as well as pre-production in Gnomon, California.

Andrade has also worked as an illustrator for projects like “Nickelodeon Family” for the MTV Networks, in promotional posters for the percussionist group “Wok” and doing concept art for the videogame company Seed Studios.

In collaboration with Filipe Pina,  he drew a webcomic called “Fraggers” and the Sequential Art Project titled “BRK.”

Marvel Worldwide, Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics and formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, is an American company that publishes comic books and related media.

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