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AICL: Authors gather to debate Azorean cultural issues – Conference

The Associação Internacional dos Colóquios da Lusofonia (AICL), based on São Miguel island, Azores, is holding its 17th Colóquio Internacional da Lusofonia to take place in the town of Lagoa, March 30 through April 4.

Former First Lady Maria Barroso, President of the Pro Dignitate Foundation, will be the conference keynote speaker.

According to organizer Chrys Chrystello, 35 Azorean authors and scholars will be participating in the AICL annual event.

The conference will pay special tribute to the work of some overlooked Azorean authors, namely Caetano Valadão Serpa, Eduardo Bettencourt Pinto, Eduíno de Jesus, Fernando Aires, Urbano Bettencourt, Emanuel Félix, Rodrigo Leal de Carvalho, Daniel de Sá, Álamo Oliveira and Vasco Pereira da Costa.

Themes for debate at the conference will include issues in education, teacher professional development, the literature of the Azores, literature about the Azores, literature of the Azores in translation, and the Portuguese language as a global language.

In partnership with Lagoa municipality, the conference will offer a cultural theme to include musical performances, poetry reading, and book launching and signing events with the participation of the authors.

The Associação Internacional dos Colóquios da Lusofonia (AICL) was established in 2011 by Chrys Chrystello, who had organized 15 successful international conferences since 2001. The most recent events took place in Brazil (2010) and Macau (2011). The next conference, scheduled for September-October 2013, will be held in Galicia (Spain).


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