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2019: Universities to add 2,500 placements for international students – Portugal

The Portuguese Government has authorized institutions of higher education to offer 2,500 additional placements for international students for the 2019/20 academic year.

Currently, universities and polytechnics in Portugal offer about 10,000 placements for international students for each academic each year. With the addition, the initiative will offer a total of 12,700 openings. 

With this measure the Government expects to fulfill the objective of increasing the number of foreign students in Portugal which has grown 50% in the last four years.

In the academic year of 2017/2018 there were 49,708 foreign students in the country, representing one-sixth of the total student population.

Portugal has become an attractive and accessible destination for international students who aim for a degree abroad in Europe.

Portuguese universities are free to decide the amount of tuition fees (called “propinas”) students pay. Most Portuguese universities charge higher tuition fees to international students. Average tuition for Bachelor and Master programs are between €950 and €1,250 for each academic year.



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