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2011 International Innovation in Tourism Seminar – Azores

The International Urban Development Association (INATA), in partnership with the Tourism Observatory of the Azores (OTA), is organizing the Innovation in Tourism and Sustainable Regional Development Summer Course seminar to be held at the islands of Terceira and São Miguel,  in the Azores on September 5-10, 2011.

The Course is aimed at both young and expert entrepreneurs developing tourism in an urban or regional context from all relevant sectors and inter- disciplinary backgrounds.

The “Tourism Observatory of the Azores” (OTA) is a private, nonprofit, association, whose founding members are the Government of the Azores, the Azores Tourism Association and the University of the Azores. OTA’s mission is the analyses, diffusion and monitoring of the tourism activity, contributing to the development of a sustainable tourism integrated into the broad regional development strategies of the Azores.

INTA is a global membership association where public and private policy-makers and urban practitioners come together to share knowledge, experience and performing tools for integrated urban development. INTA’s International Summer Courses for professionals in urban development offer unique training programs focusing on the innovative urban practices that strengthen local urban development and regeneration strategies.

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