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1st International Symposium on Human Rights and Quality of Life – Cambridge, MA

The Regional Government of the Azores, through the Department for the Azorean Communities (DRC), is sponsoring the 1st International Symposium on Human Rights and Quality of Life in the Portuguese-speaking Communities in the United States and Canada to be held November 9-10, in Cambridge (MA).

Craig Mello, 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, is the keynote speaker.

The event is organized in partnership with MAPS (Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers); Lesley University (MA); Boston College (MA); UMass Boston (MA); Princeton University (NJ) and the Catholic Social Services (MA).

The symposium will debate issues relating to Health Care, Deportation, Education, Community Support and Leadership.

Social and economic issues affecting the Portuguese-speaking immigrant communities in the United States and Canada will be analyzed as well as effective strategies for the promotion and protection of individual human rights.

The role of governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, social networks and social services organizations will be also addressed for a better and more adequately response to the specific needs of those communities.

The promotion and expansion of social networks and partnerships will be also explored in order to improve the quality of life and successfully integrate those citizens in the respective host societies.

The event is open to the participation of scholars and researchers along with social services organizations representing the Portuguese-speaking communities in the United States and Canada.

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