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16th International Metropolis Conference – Azores

The 16th International Metropolis Conference will be held September 12-16, in Ponta Delgada, Azores. The event, hosted by the Regional Government of the Azores, is co-sponsored by the University of the Azores, the University of Lisbon, ACIDI, and the Luso-American Development Foundation.

More than 500 researchers, policy-makers, international organizations and non-governmental organizations will meet to discuss challenges and opportunities of migration flows.

The conference is the largest annual gathering of experts on migration and diversity, a prestigious international event dealing with the topics of migration, integration and citizenship.

The program includes eight plenary sessions, 75 workshop, four round tables, and five field trips — four in São Miguel and one in Faial and Pico islands.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn how countries of origin of emigration the practical steps they take to maintain a unity of their people and their cultures across vast distances.

The conference will also look at how societies of origin think about their expatriate populations, retain their interest in and allegiances to their homeland, and the growing rates of return migration to those homelands that are experiencing rapid economic and social development.

The International Metropolis Project, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a forum for bridging research, policy and practice on migration and diversity. The Project aims to enhance academic research capacity, encourage policy-relevant research on migration and diversity issues, and facilitates the use of that research by governments and non-governmental organizations, from across North America and Europe as well as a growing presence in Africa, Latin America and much of the Asia-Pacific region.



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