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15th International Lusophone Symposium- Macau

Henrique Senna Fernandes, the Chinese translator of Portuguese  Nobel-laureate José Saramago, will be honored at the “15th Colóquio Internacional da Lusofonia” (15th International Lusophone Symposium” taking place in Macao,  China, April 18-22, 2011. The symposium, promoted by the  Associação Internacional dos Colóquios da Lusofonia (AICL), will be held at the Instituto Potitécnico de Macau with the participation of 40 speakers. Topics relating to the Portuguese speaking world will be addressed.

Macau is a former Portuguese colony. Portugal handed the territory back to China in 1999 after 442 years of colonial rule.   Its historic center became a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect its colonial Portuguese architecture blended with East Asian style.

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