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“Twittar” and “googlar” enter the Portuguese lexicon

The newest edition of the European-Portuguese language dictionary “Grande Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa,”  published by Porto Editora, includes 410 new words such as “twittar”, “googlar”, “politólogo”, “audiolivro” and “ebook”.

This new edition, with a total of 1,792 pages, added to the Portuguese lexicon more than six thousand words from Brazilian-Portuguese, Afro-Portuguese and Asian-Portuguese origin such as “gamação” and “café-da-manhã” (Brazil), “brabeza” (Cape Verde), “cuduro” (Angola) and “canimambo” (Mozambique).

The new dictionary, which is an international reference for the Portuguese language, also included the terms “flexisegurança”, “parentalidade”,“ciberbullying” and “biocombustível” among many other newly coined words.

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