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News Alert: Ricardo Salgado – Banco Espirito Santo former CEO detained – Portugal

The former CEO of Portuguese Banco Espirito Santo (BES), Ricardo Espírito Santo Salgado, was detained on Thursday morning as part of the Monte Branco operations, which is investigating the largest capital laundering scheme in Portugal, a source at the central criminal court told Lusa.

Salgado is the patriarch of Portugal’s scandal stricken Espirito Santo banking family. He will appear before a judge today. “Ricardo Salgado was brought to the court by representatives of the prosecutor’s office and will appear before a judge later today,” the duty official at the Central Criminal Custody Court told Reuters.

According to Portugal’s Attorney Genral’s office, the Espírito Santo financial group is currently the subject of various different investigations.  The Espírito Santo Financial Group (ESFG) is the largest shareholder of Banco Espírito Santo (BES),  Portugal’s largest non-state bank by assets.


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