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SATA Air Azores crew skillfully handle two emergency landings

A SATA International Airbus A310, on flight from Toronto, Canada, to São Miguel, Azores, suffered the failure of a hydraulic system, on June 20, while on approach to Ponta Delgada international airport, reported the Aviation Herald.

According to the source, the crew was able to normally lower the landing gear and continued for a safe landing in Ponta Delgada. The onward leg from Ponta Delgada to Lisbon (Portugal) was cancelled.

In another incident on the same day — reported the Aviation Herald —  a flock of seagulls was caught inside the reactors of a SATA Airbus A320, forcing an emergency landing shortly after takeoff, on a flight from Funchal International airport, in Madeira,  to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The aircraft, with 104 passengers on broad, returned to the runway for a safe landing about 15 minutes after departure.

Portugal’s GPIAA reported that both engines suffered high amplitude vibrations without significant loss of power. The airplane climbed to safety altitude and immediately returned for a safe landing.

Aviation sources reported at least one seagull hit the door handle of the forward cargo door and rotated the handle into the open position causing the forward cargo door to open.