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Passos Coelho leading in polls – Update

A poll released Tuesday shows social democrat Passos Coelho (PSD) leading slightly in polls over socialist leader, caretaker Prime Minister José Socrates (PS), for the parliamentary snap elections scheduled for June 5, in Portugal. According to pollster Intercampus, Coelho (PSD) leads with 36,1 percent over Socrates (PS) with 35,4 percent.

Figures released May 6, showed Socrates (PS) with 36 percent of votes, over Coelho (PSD) with 34 percent. Poll figures released on April 21, showed Socrates (PS) leading in polls with 36.1 percent, while Coelho (PSD) stayed at 35.3 percent.

An earlier March poll had predicted that Coelho (PSD) would win the June 5 elections with 46.7 percent of votes over outgoing incumbent Socrates (PS) with 24.5 percent.

José Socrates resigned last in March, after his minority government austerity measures were rejected in Parliament by the parties in opposition. He was under pressure from the opposition to request the European Union bailout which he refused and then requested after having resigned.

Socrates and his minority Socialist Party have governed since the last election in 2009. He is currently a caretaker prime minister with limited powers until a new government is formed.


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