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Heritage: Sue Fagalde Lick takes readers on her journey Pandemic: Portugal expects infections to rise exponentially- Update Travel Alert: Azores Airlines suspends flights to the US and Canada Porto: First two confirmed cases of coronavirus – Portugal

Heritage: Sue Fagalde Lick takes readers on her journey – Interview

By Millicent Borges Accardi Sue Fagalde Lick, a writer and musician, is a descendant of immigrants from the Azores Islands who spent many years in the newspaper business in California’s Bay Area. Her poetry has appeared in Rattle, The MacGuffin, New Letters, and other publications. Her chapbook Gravel Road Ahead was published in 2019 by […]

Pandemic: Portugal expects infections to rise exponentially- Update

Official numbers this  Sunday’s revealed that 14 Portuguese nationals have died victims of the COVID19 epidemic. There were 1,600 confirmed cases, 320 additional cases in last 24 hours, with 169 hospitalized and 41 in intensive care. Five patients have since recovered and 1,152 were waiting for test results. The total number of suspected cases is […]

Travel Alert: Azores Airlines suspends flights to the US and Canada – Update

SATA Azores Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will suspend all flights to the United States and Canada, due to the COVID19 pandemic. Flights to and from Boston will be temporarily suspended from March 21 until March 31. The last flight to and from Boston is scheduled for March 20. Flights to and from Toronto […]

Pandemic: Portugal to declare State of Emergency – Update

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is expected to declare a State of Emergency on Wednesday to further decree measures to fight the fast-moving COVID19 pandemic. The move, which follows the declaration of a State of Alert last week, would suspend and/or restrict some constitutional rights and liberties, including the right to free movement. The situation […]

Porto: First two confirmed cases of coronavirus – Portugal

Portugal is one of the latest countries to confirm two cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections, Health Minister Marta Temido revealed. Two men were hospitalized in Porto and are “in a stable condition and in good general health,” Temido said. The first case is  a 60-year-old man who traveled to Italy recently. The other case is […]

Demystifying is Accurate; Living is not Accurate – Review

11 February 2020

By Patrícia Lino As Christopher Larkosh warns us in “Introduction: ‘Say It Right’: On Luso-American Literatures and Cultures Today,” the volume relies on a variety of theoretical and cultural approaches to explore the meaning of Luso-American and its respective ramifications. And it is, in fact, particularly interesting how the traditional conception of culture and Lusophony […]

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Travel: SATA Azores Airlines to add New York route – PDL, Azores

07 February 2020

The Azores Airlines announced it is considering adding new destinations in the United States and Europe from its base in São Miguel, in the near future, including a route between New York and Ponta Delgada. The initiative follows the announcement by Delta Airlines, in October, to suspend the route between New York and Ponta Delgada, […]

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Coronavirus: Portugal working to repatriate nationals from Wuhan – China

28 January 2020

The government of Portugal is working with China and the European Union to repatriate its nationals from the Wuhan area afflicted with the coronavirus (2019.nCoV) outbreak. There are approximately 20 Portuguese nationals living in the city. Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva said Monday that efforts are in progress to rescue Portuguese citizens in Wuhan […]

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Travel: SATA Azores Airlines signs codeshare agreement with Air France – Paris, France

28 January 2020

In a statement to the press, SATA Azores Airlines announced the Azores Airlines and Air France signed an agreement, effective today, to “increase the supply of air connections” and “new possibilities” “for customers of both airlines wishing to travel between the city of Paris and the Azores (and vice versa) via Lisbon or Porto. The […]

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Tricia Pimental: Living the Good Life in Central Portugal – Interview

24 January 2020

By Millicent Borges Accardi After traveling throughout the world, expatriate writer Tricia Pimental has settled in Central Portugal to live the good life. Her travels include most of Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, and parts of the Middle East. Her writing has been featured on Eye on Travel – WTTC European Leaders Forum on CBS, […]

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World Learning: Seeks Academic Director to Study Abroad Portugal – STI

23 January 2020

World Learning is seeking an Academic Director to manage the Study Abroad program located in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme of this program is Sustainability and Environmental Justice. This program follows the School for International Training (SIT) model, focusing on experiential learning to complement classroom instruction. SIT Study Abroad Academic Directors (AD) manage SIT’s undergraduate study […]

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