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Annual Convention of Portuguese Organizations – Maui, Hawaii

The Maui Portuguese Cultural Club will host the annual Hawaii State Convention of Portuguese Organizations scheduled for August 5-7, at the Maui Beach Hotel. Portuguese organizations from Oahu, the Big Island and Maui will be in attendance.

The three day event will focus on the theme of “Education: The Key to Cultural Revival” which will enable local-born Portuguese to know more about their heritage, culture, industry, arts, poetry, literature, livelihood, tradition and language.

The event will feature guest speaker the Rev. Luis Proença, of California, on the role of the church in the Portuguese people’s identity in the world.

Evelyn Starkey, current President of the Hawaii Council of Portuguese Heritage, will be the event keynote speaker. Entertainment will include guest Fado singer Ramana Vieira, from San Francisco, California.

An estimated 48,527 Hawaiians are of Portuguese descent . Most Portuguese-Hawaiian ancestors came from Madeira and the Azores. The first Portuguese immigrated to Hawaii around 1794. They were whalers who jumped ship. Many of those sailors were from Faial, Graciosa, and São Jorge. Some were from Cape Verde.

The Maui Portuguese Cultural Club preserves and perpetuates the Portuguese culture and traditions. Offers free classes in folk singing and dancing to the general public. Presents public performances and awards scholarships to college bound students of Portuguese descent.





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