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1st Portuguese & Brazilian Festival – NYC

The Portuguese Circle is organizing the 1st Portuguese & Brazilian Festival to celebrate more than five centuries of a common language and shared culture between the two countries.

The festival will be held from 3pm, November 5, to 5:30am through November 6, on a 14,000 sqft loft, at 623 Broadway (2nd floor) in New York.

The culture festival features a curated visual art exhibition, live music performances as well as fine foods and wine, in partnership with local Luso-Brazilian restaurants and participating brands.

In a statement for the Portuguese American Journal, Patricia Silva, the exhibition’s curator, said “Everything in the show was created within the last three years, so it’s all very contemporary, very much alive. I wanted multiplicity in this show, diversity of thought and discipline. But there are themes that overlap and elucidate on being who we are, individually and as a group. Yes, Luso-Brazilians share a language, but we also share the space language ignites in our creative potential and practice. The show includes photography, video, product design, illustration, painting, sculpture and installation.”

The curated art exhibition features artworks by Teresa Ascensão, Rita Barros, Leonor Alvim Brazão, Magda DeJose, André da Loba, Rony Maltz, Mariana Martins, Daniel Michalik, Grace Moon, Maria Clara Pereira, Lydia Reinhold, Juvenal Reis, Fern Silva.

In addition to the curated art show, the event features performances by César Vieira, Mistura Perfeita, Eliano Braz, Manhattan Camerata, Rubens Salles Quartet, Anderson Trindade, David Medina, Miller Cruz, Sabine Blaizin, Steven Le Tigre, Toca, Ale Ale. Additional screenings by Ivan Franco, João Maia, Pedro dos Reis .

The Portuguese Circle is a non-profit association dedicated to the Portuguese resident community in New York City, whose objective is to showcase the Portuguese culture through social networking and cultural events.

For a detailed schedule of events visit the Portuguese Circle website here


updated 11/02/11


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