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1st Lisbon Machine Learning School – Conference

The  Lisbon based Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering: Research and Development (INESC-ID) is organizing the 1st Lisbon Machine Learning conference to be held in Lisbon —  July 20 -25, 2011 — at  Instituto Superior Superior Técnico (IST) – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.  The event is organized jointly by the Instituto de Telecomunicações and INESC-ID’s  Spoken Language Systems Lab.

In its debut year, the topic of the school is “Learning for the Web.”  The school will cover a range of Machine Learning (ML) topics, from theory to practice, that are important in solving Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems that arise in the analysis and use of Web data.

The target audience is researchers and graduate students in the fields of NLP and Computational Linguistics, Computer scientists who have interests in statistics and machine learning, and industry practitioners who desire more in depth understanding of these subjects.

List of Speakers:
– MÁRIO FIGUEIREDO – Instituto Superior Técnico | Portugal
– KOBY CRAMMER – Technion, Israel Institute of Technogly | Israel
– BEN TASKAR – University of Pennsylvania | USA
– NOAH SMITH – Carnegie Mellon University | USA
– JASON EISNER – Johns Hopkins University | USA
– XAVIER CARRERAS – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya | Spain

INESC-ID is a non-profit institution dedicated to research in the field of information and communication technologies.  Its mission is to develop tomorrow’s technologies by excelling in research today. For more information.


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