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UNESCO: Cante Alentejano to become Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – Portugal

Posted in Awards, Featured, Heritage, Music, Organizations, People, Portugal, World

Book: “Saudades” by Joe Gouveia – Review by George Monteiro

Posted in Books, Community, Featured, Heritage, People

Film: Public screening of “Deportado” by Nathalie Mansoux- UMD

Posted in Arts&Culture, Azores, Community, Conferences, Education, Featured, Film, Heritage, Madeira, Organizations, People, Portugal, World

Opinion: Is expression ever a freedom too far? By Len Port

Posted in Books, Film, Music, Painting, Photography, Politics, Portugal, Social networks

Essay: Ernest Hemingway in Madeira in 1954 – By George Monteiro

Posted in Arts&Culture, Books, Featured, Heritage, Interviews, Madeira, People, Portugal, Travel

PHCP: The Story of a Portuguese-American Publisher – Interview

Posted in Arts&Culture, Azores, Books, Community, Education, Featured, Heritage, Madeira, Music, Organizations, People, Photography, Portugal, World


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